Swan Peach Princess



An update on the gorgeous Swan Princess, she gets a new range of flowers including gold coloured accents.

Please note the swan will face the LEFT - for either the Cot Size or the Bassinet Size.

BACKING:  Peach Solid Cotton

Please allow 4-5 weeks as each fabric is ordered for you.

Separate Items Each

- 100% cotton sateen front and Peach Cotton Back

- fabric has an ivory base so is slightly off white
- 100% cotton wadding inside - quilted all over.  Cotton wadding is not super thick, its a lightweight quilt.  You will find generally the thick puffy quilts are made from using quilt inserts or polyester, as I specialise in natural fibres, I avoid these.

- BASSINET = 70cm wide x 90cm long - cotton sateen
- LARGE = 105cm wide x 140cm long - cotton
- Machine washable, line dry, cold setting


- fits a 45cm insert
- zipped opening
- fabric is the same front and back 
Machine washable, line dry, cold setting  

These images are a mock up and the actual product colours may differ slightly due to printing differences.

Quilts are quilted with lines on them as shown on the Australian Animal bassinet quilt attached example

Products are best machine washed in cold water and dried on the line to preserve the character of the print, iron on the reverse.