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Custom Play Mat - C Busulwa


Brand One Harper Lane

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1-2 week wait for production

Play Mats are an extremely popular and useful item, they protect baby from floors, they stop baby from messing up on carpets, they are practical, they can add a gorgeous design element to any room, and they are really, really cute!

Insert - Padded with a super high quality 60% wool / 40% poly quilting quality wadding in them.   Approximately 1cm thick, not the thickest in appearance and very, very dense, so when you wash it, its going to stay exactly the same thickness, wash after wash. Unless its a great quality insert, it will deteriorate over time - all those little fibres that make up the inside are going to come loose.

Top quilted - the idea of quilting is to add structure to the item AND to stop the insides moving around. If it has a poor quality doona or polyester in it, it will deteriorate over time.

Approx 105cm round

Backed with Denim Marle Linen Blend

Gentle Machine wash

Line dry only