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Arrows and Kisses - Pre Order


Brand One Harper Lane

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Patchwork "Cheater" Quilt



- 100% cotton front and back
- 100% cotton wadding inside - quilted all over.- Cotton wadding is not super thick, its a light-weight summer-weight quilt. - You will find generally the thick puffy quilts are made from using quilt inserts or polyester, as I specialise in natural fibres, I avoid these.
If you would like a heavier quilt choose the Upgrade Option for the Wool/Polyester Insert.

I have 3 DIFFERENT size quilts:

  • SMALL Bassinet/Pram = 70 cms wide x 90 long cms.
    • A normal bassinet mattress is 35-50cms wide to 70-80cms long, this size quilt will give you plenty of tuck - but not be too large.
    • They are also PERFECT for using in your PRAM, or to roll up in your BABY BAG for a TRAVEL BLANKET.
  • MEDIUM Cot Quilt = 90cms wide  x 105 cms long.
    • This is NOT big enough to give you any tuck either down the size or along the bottom.
    • What they are GREAT for is, a gorgeous display for the top of a cot or as a PLAY MAT.
    • When you are shopping around MANY people will call this a standard cot sized cot quilt - not me though, its just not quite large enough.
    • If you see a design you love - just contact me - most of the times I can make these designs into a LARGE
  • LARGE Cot Quilt = 100 cms wide x 140 cms long.
    • This IS big enough to give you HEAPS of tuck around the edge and along the bottom.
    • It will ALSO be perfect to put on your single bed (90 x 190cms) so when your child moves out of the cot, all of a sudden it gives you so much more flexibility and longevity than the standard shop bought sized quilt.